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95th Reunion Celebration, June 2017

Posted on Mar 2, 2016 in Camp Updates

95th Reunion Celebration, June 2017

37-03You’re Invited!

The Woodstock Board of Advisors would like to invite you to celebrate our 95th year. We’re calling on former campers, staff, board members, and other friends to join us for a weekend event at Camp Woodstock. Feel free to bring your family, significant other, or future Woodstockers to what we hope is our largest celebration to date.

Celebrate Our History

Since camp’s humble beginnings in 1922, thousands of people have swam in our lake, walked under our shady pines and made lifelong friendships. Please join us in celebrating the impact Camp has made on so many lives.

Our story is your story. Help us capture Camp Woodstock’s history by bringing your old photos, yearbooks, and Woodstock memorabilia. We hope to display items during the reunion and preserve memories for future generations.

The 95th Celebration Weekend

Register now to reserve your spot for the weekend of June 17-18, 2017!  Come to play your favorite camp games, sing traditional songs at the campfire, or just come to talk and relive memories down by the lake.

To cover the cost of food and staff we are asking for $95 to enjoy the entire weekend’s events or $75 for Saturday only. Children under 6 are free!  71 Counselors

While registering you will have the option to request a cabin, reserve space for a tent, or let us know if you have plans for off-camp lodging.  We will do our best to accommodate cabin requests but space is limited. Cabins may need to be shared by multiple families.

Click here to register for the 95th

If you think you can’t make it to this event, but want to hear about future reunions, please provide your updated information using this form.

Tentative Schedule of Events

Friday June 16th

7:00pm– Check-in Program Lodge

7:30pm– Meet & Greet (S’mores)


Saturday June 17th

8:15- Breakfast (Line-up & Flag)

8:15-11:00 – Check-in

9:15-11:45 – Waterfront & Open Activities

(Such as: Ultimate frisbee, tours of camp, climbing wall, arts & crafts)

12:00- Lunch (Line-up & Announcements)

1:30-2:30 – Rest Hour & Generation Meetups

2:30-5:00 – Waterfront & Open Activities

                (Such as: Outdoor cooking, yard games, basketball, archery)

2:30-4:00 – “Family Friendly” CHAOS

4:00-5:00 – Visit with the Camp Woodstock Board of Advisors

5:30- Dinner (Line-up, Flag & Group Photo)

6:30- Evening Boating

7:30- Campfire Celebration

9:15- Vespers and Peace & Taps


Sunday June 18th

6:30- Sunrise Meditation & Yoga

8:15- Breakfast (Line-up & Flag)

9:15- Chapel

10:15-11:45 – Boating & Scavenger Hunt/Dutch-Auction/Trivia

12:00- Lunch (Line-up)

1:30- Goodbye!

All events are optional. If you have suggestions please email  


Who is Already Coming?

Below are just some of the people already coming. Register today to add your name to the list!


Alexis Alban Cahill
Diane Belcher
Sarah Bonner
Chris Cahill
Michael Coulom
Meaghan Creydt
Samuel Creydt
Daniel Cunningham
Katherine Cunningham
Maxwell Cunningham
Theodore Cunningham
Mark Dale
Melissa Dale
Katy Dandurand
Marcus R. Dandurand
Chip Dooley
Susan Downes
Alison Fine Berks
Carl Fossum
Wendy Fossum
Ned Furtney
Leanne Gallagher
Corey Gingras
Robin Grace
Chris Greene
Dorothy Greene
Ethan Greene
Maisie Greene
Leigh Hansen
Catherine Healy
John Healy
Paige Healy
Danielle Helenski
Marcus Helenski
T.J. Helenski
Daisy Kotowicz
Lindsey Kotowicz
Lucy Kotowicz
Oliver Kotowicz
Ryszard Kotowicz
Susie Krenzer
Linda Langford
Pam Levin
Jean Marion
Julie Meserve
Heather Mullins
Frankie Murrihy
Jennifer Murrihy
Kevin Murrihy
Olivia Murrihy
Sophia Murrihy
William Parkman
Cheytan Pazienza
Evelyn Pazienza
Mary Clarah Pazienza
Sarah Pazienza
Steve Pazienza
Austin Pescatello
Katie Pescatello
Nick Pescatello
Sydney Pescatello
Anne Pickart
Bob Pickart
Jane A. Price
Bob Roach
Jordana Schwartz
Amy Scott
Ben Scott
Henry Scott
Mick Scott
Mike Sherman
Megan Sullivan
Rachel Tiran
Ryan Tiran
Nick Turner
Debbie Waxler
Gary Waxler

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