The decision to go to sleep away camp is a big one and inevitably raises lots of great questions.  Whether this is your first summer or 10th, we know that feeling prepared to arrive at Camp on that first day is very important.  Below is a list of questions that we are often called about, but please keep in mind that the answer to your question might also be found on another page of our website or in our Parent Information Handbook.  You are also invited to call Camp office at any time to speak to one of our Directors.  We can be reached at 1-800-782-2344.

Preparing For Camp:

Can we visit camp before signing up?

Yes, we have Open Houses throughout the spring for you to get to know camp staff and see the facilities for yourself.  All tours are led by our summer camp counselors and staff.  If you prefer a private tour rather than as a group, please call our office and set up a time with one of our camp staff any day of the week.  In addition, we also have a new parent orientation on check-in day.  This is an excellent time to speak and ask questions of  some of our summer directors and board members.

When is the paperwork and payment due?

While we do accept registrations and paperwork on a rolling basis, we fill up and encourage all families submit their paperwork by May 1st.

What should my camper pack?

Packing for camp is a great process and can help alleviate anxieties that your camper may have.  A complete list of what to pack can be found in our parent handbook.

Health-Related Questions:

Do you have a health care professional on staff?

Yes!  Two health care professionals (one of which is a registered nurse) are on site 24 hours a day while our summer camp program is in session.  We also have an on-call physician nearby.  Our nurses distribute all medication to campers (over-the-counter or prescription), care for illness and respond to any emergency situations.

How old can my child’s physical form be?

All campers must have had a physical WITHIN 1 YEAR of their last day of camp.

What if my child gets sick?

While many times campers come to our infirmary feeling ill because they are overtired, dehydrated or a little homesick (often only requiring water and a short nap), some campers do actually have an illness that must be cared for.  Our nursing staff will treat their symptoms and call you only if your camper spend the night in the infirmary, visits repeatedly with the same medical concern,  has to visit our local doctor or hospital or if the nurse has a question about your camper’s medical form.

Camp Life:

What if my camper gets homesick?

It’s perfectly normal for a camper to miss home and this can be an important part of their camp experience as they develop a sense of independence and self-esteem.  Luckily, Camp is a safe place for campers to have a mix of these emotions and our counseling staff (many of whom where once homesick campers themselves), are highly trained in working with your child and keeping you informed on their wellbeing.  For more helpful information on this subject, please read this attached article: Handling homesickness at camp

Our campers even go out of their way to help each other feel better!

Can I talk to my camper during the week or is there a visiting day?  Can they bring their cell phone?

Because we know that you chose for your camper to have this experience as a way to become more independent and make friends, we don’t want to discourage that by them always being in contact with individuals at home our outside of camp.  For this reason we don’t allow campers to have cell phones, make phone calls home or receive visitors.   By doing this, you are giving your camper the opportunity to really engage in the community at camp and hopefully build some lasting and meaningful relationships.

Who will be in my child’s cabin?

Cabins are made up of approximately 8-12 campers and 3 counseling staff.  The campers are all of the same gender and within 1 year of each other in age.  There will always be at least 1 cabin staff in the cabin at all given times.

Can my child request to be in the same cabin as their friend?

Yes, on the registration form there is a spot to request a “cabin mate”.  Because we want your child have the opportunity to make many new friends, each camper is allowed one cabin mate requests and all requests much be mutual.  Campers must be within 12 months of age to be in the same cabin. Email Will Jones, Summer Camp Director to discuss this further.

What will my camper be eating?

Here at Camp we know that food is an important part of our day!  Each day our entire camp gathers in our dining hall to share meals together, sing cheers and replenish our bodies.  Because serving 300 individual tastes can be a challenge, we work hard to provide meals that are healthy, delicious, and camper-friendly.  At both lunch and dinner every day we have a salad bar available that is full of veggies, beans, pasta salad and other protein-rich items.  Below are examples of some of our favorite meals that you’ll see this summer.



  • Pancakes, bacon, yogurt, granola bars, blueberries or strawberries, bananas, cereal, milk, juice
  • Eggs, sausage, bagels, granola bars, fresh fruit, cereal, milk juice


  • “Build your own sandwich” (cheese, lunch meats, grinder rolls, condiments), chicken noodle soup, chips, fruit, juice
  • Grilled cheese and tomato soup, tater tots, fruit and juice


  • Spaghetti and meatballs, green beans, bread sticks, chocolate milk
  • Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn, dinner rolls, chocolate milk


Knowing that many of our campers come to camp with certain allergies or dietary concerns, our Summer Camp Director and Food Service Manager will work directly with that family and child to make sure that they are receiving a balanced and safe diet every day.   If you have concerns or questions about our food service, please call camp at 1-800-782-2344.