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Posted on Aug 14, 2020 in Alumni, Camp Stories

Capturing 100 years of stories

YMCA Camp Woodstock celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2022. As we head to that milestone, we are looking to capture (and re-capture) conversations with Woodstockers over the ages to hear what’s changed, what has stayed the same, what memories people have and how Woodstock impacted their lives. Let us know if you have a story to share with the Woodstock community as a part of this history project.

Podcast Tony Gronski

Episode 1: A conversation with Tony Gronski and Mike Sherman

Between them, Tony Gronski and Mike Sherman have been the executive directors of Camp Woodstock for a third of its existence.  In this conversation they share some of the challenges they have faced with facilities over the years, what common values have been there all the time and some of the pivotal moments they encountered in their history in the Pines. This conversation with Mike and Tony is hopefully our first episode of many.

Listen to Episode 1

Episode 2: A conversation with Waterfront Directors over the years

Black Pond – if there is a physical place of Woodstock that any more the cornerstone of Camp?  And what CW staff is at the focal point of connecting all the campers to the waterfront?

We get an incredible walk down memory lane with waterfront directors from the past to current.  In this conversation, we hear from Carey Green (a director in the 60s!), Lauren Drago, Jenna Scinta, Ned Furtney and current director Sara (SCP).  They discuss some of their fondest memories, the gravity and importance of being in such a key position at camp, and how the waterfront has changed and been the same over the years.

Listen to Episode 2

Episode 3: Here Come the LIT Directors

The LIT year – that year where you are no longer a camper, but you are not quite staff – and you learn to grow as a leader at Camp Woodstock!

As we continue to have conversations with campers and staff in our run-up to the 100th anniversary of Woodstock, we have a very entertaining conversation with LIT Directors over the years.  In this conversation, we hear from Andy Bauer, Diane Belcher, Shelby Harris, Ken Rogers, Lindsey Kotowicz, Conley Cummings, and last year’s director Scott Kellock.  They discuss what the program looked like when they were director, some of their fondest memories, the thread of growing as person and in leadership in the LIT program, how the program has changed and what has been constant over the years.

Listen to Episode 3

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