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95th Reunion Celebration, June 2017

Posted on Mar 2, 2016 in Camp Updates

You’re Invited! The Woodstock Board of Advisors would like to invite you to celebrate our 95th year. We’re calling on former campers, staff, board members, and other friends to join us for a weekend event at Camp Woodstock. Feel free to bring your family, significant other, or future Woodstockers to what we hope is our largest celebration to date. Celebrate Our History Since camp’s humble beginnings in 1922, thousands of people have swam in our lake, walked under our shady pines and made lifelong friendships. Please join us in celebrating the impact Camp has made on so many lives. Our story is your story. Help us capture Camp Woodstock’s history by bringing your old photos, yearbooks, and Woodstock memorabilia. We hope to display items during the reunion and preserve memories for future generations. The 95th Celebration Weekend Register now to reserve your spot for the weekend of June 17-18, 2017!  Come to play your favorite camp games, sing traditional songs at the campfire, or just come to talk and relive memories down by the lake. To cover the cost of food and staff we are asking for $95 to enjoy the entire weekend’s events or $75 for Saturday only. Children under 6 are free!   While registering you will have the option to request a cabin, reserve space for a tent, or let us know if you have plans for off-camp lodging.  We will do our best to accommodate cabin requests but space is limited. Cabins may need to be shared by multiple families. Click here to register for the 95th If you think you can’t make it to this event, but want to hear about future reunions, please provide your updated information using this form. Tentative Schedule of Events Friday June 16th 7:00pm– Check-in Program Lodge 7:30pm– Meet & Greet (S’mores)   Saturday June 17th 8:15- Breakfast (Line-up & Flag) 8:15-11:00 – Check-in 9:15-11:45 – Waterfront & Open Activities (Such as: Ultimate frisbee, tours of camp, climbing wall, arts & crafts) 12:00- Lunch (Line-up & Announcements) 1:30-2:30 – Rest Hour & Generation Meetups 2:30-5:00 – Waterfront & Open Activities                 (Such as: Outdoor cooking, yard games, basketball, archery) 2:30-4:00 – “Family Friendly” CHAOS 4:00-5:00 – Visit with the Camp Woodstock Board of Advisors 5:30- Dinner (Line-up, Flag & Group Photo) 6:30- Evening Boating 7:30- Campfire Celebration 9:15- Vespers and Peace & Taps   Sunday June 18th 6:30- Sunrise Meditation & Yoga 8:15- Breakfast (Line-up & Flag) 9:15- Chapel 10:15-11:45 – Boating & Scavenger Hunt/Dutch-Auction/Trivia 12:00- Lunch (Line-up) 1:30- Goodbye! All events are optional. If you have suggestions please email   Who is Already Coming? Below are just some of the people already coming. Register today to add your name to the list!   Alexis Alban Cahill Diane Belcher Sarah Bonner Chris Cahill Michael Coulom Meaghan Creydt Samuel Creydt Daniel Cunningham Katherine Cunningham Maxwell Cunningham Theodore Cunningham Mark Dale Melissa Dale...

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We’re having a SCORCHER today!

Posted on Jul 29, 2015 in Camp Stories, Camp Updates

Woah! The weather reports are for some serious heat today! Never fear, we’ll still have fun in the Pines. We will be making sure all of our friends are SUPER hydrated and covered in sun lotion…and, as a special treat we are having a Morning Free Swim! Campers will get a chance to cool off in Black Pond twice today! We’ll be bringing you photos of all the fun soon! Stay cool today!

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Staff Spotlight: Alissa S.

Posted on Jul 28, 2015 in Camp Stories, Camp Updates

Meet Alissa, one of our amazing Senior Counselors at Camp Woodstock and most recent recipient of the Staff Creed Award. During her time on staff, Alissa has handled every curveball thrown out her with grace and integrity and we couldn’t be more proud of her achievements. She credits former staff member Hannah Aitken for showing her the value of constantly improving, and she has made that commitment to improvement clear. She can be found doing anything and everything at camp, which is where she says she feels most at home and she feels she can better the world. Alissa says that camp empowers her, but what is even more incredible is how she empowers her campers and her peers alike through her amazing positivity and caring. In the fall, Alissa will be studying Spanish in the Honors Program at the University of Delaware, and we wish her all the best. Lets get a loud Yay! Rah! Rah! for...

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Staff Spotlight: Shane M.

Posted on Jul 24, 2015 in Camp Stories, Camp Updates

Meet Shane, the Senior Counselor who was chosen to be the Reaper for Session 2 CHAOS! Now in this 6th summer at camp, this Fairfield, CT native showed his stuff this past session by always doing a great job with quiet grace. We are so lucky to have Shane here at Camp Woodstock! He comes back again and again because everyone here is friendly, but everyone at camp knows that they can always rely on Shane to be a friend too! Shane also says that he likes to be able to stretch himself and step outside of his comfort zone at camp. Whether he realizes it or not, its that attitude that has made him into such a great counselor! When he’s not at camp, you can find Shane running or playing Frisbee. In the fall, he will be attending Michigan State University. Let’s get a nice Yay! Rah! Rah! for...

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What is being an LIT All About (written with help from LITs)

Posted on Jul 22, 2015 in Camp Stories, Camp Updates

Ever wonder what it’s like to be an LIT at Camp Woodstock? We did too, so we asked some of our LIT friends to tell us what it’s like….here’s what they had to share. LIT stands for Leader In Training…and they are just that! The LIT program here at Camp Woodstock trains tomorrows leaders, whether that means they are the next generation of leaders here at camp or in their communities. They are spending a month at camp, which concludes at the end of this session. (Time flies!) Our LITs want you to know what the program is all about….in the first week, they went camping in Vermont said. One LIT writes, “The Vermont Trip is the time of your life because of how many friendships you make and how much more you can bond with your fellow LITs.” Another adds, “Two days in the woods in Vermont can create 50 different lasting friendships you didn’t have before.” A third said, “We are very happy that we went to Vermont.” After the Vermont trip, LITs have lots of guest speakers, trainings, and workshops. An LIT tells B.P.P. that “As LITs, we have worked on our leadership skills by leading night games with the campers.” What an opportunity! Another LIT told us that “One of the best parts of being an LIT is helping to plan cabin activities, and seeing the smiles on campers faces grow.” If that wasn’t cool enough, one LIT reminded us that “In the LIT program, there are a lot of international kids. It’s really cool to have them here because everyone learns about each others cultures and countries.” Another said “We love being LITs because we get to meet new people, learn new things, and have the time of our lives!” How neat! In the final week of the program, the LITs kick it into high gear, leading Evening Free Swim (even though it got rained out), taking CPR/First Aid/Lifeguarding tests, and even more programming. Tonight is the LIT show, a time honored tradition here at Camp Woodstock, where the LITs plan and perform a sort of variety show for all of camp. They’ll celebrate their successes by visiting the beach for the day tomorrow before running with their cabins for CHAOS. We are sad that their time is running out, but we are so happy that we’ve gotten to know them over the past month! Lets wish them luck with the time they have...

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Staff Spotlight: Brenna H.

Posted on Jul 21, 2015 in Camp Stories, Camp Updates

Meet Super Senior Counselor Brenna! This Winthrop, MA native is now in her 11th summer at Camp and was chosen to be The Reaper in Dayos this past week for her awesome work so far this summer. Over her time on staff, Brenna has proven to be an irreplaceable presence on camp and can always be spotted with some kind of cat apparel. When she is not at camp, Brenna is teaching preschool through Jumpstart as a volunteer while she studies special education at Wheelock College. Drawing inspiration from Sarah Bonner to always see the good in people and in herself, Brenna keeps coming back to Woodstock because she has met some of her best friends here and loves that everyone looks out for one another. Let’s get a nice Yay, Rah, Rah! for Brenna!   Check back in regularly for more Staff...

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Staff Spotlight: Shannon H

Posted on Jul 18, 2015 in Camp Stories, Camp Updates

Meet our Store Manager, Shannon. Now in her 9th summer at camp, you can find Shannon at the Trading Post or helping train our LITs to become lifeguards. Following the footsteps of her father, Shannon describes camp as her second home. She has met her best friends here and feels that this is where she can truly be herself. When she isn’t at camp, Shannon is studying history and education at UConn. She is an active member of her sorority, where she spends a lot of time fundraising for EGPAF and Sharsheret. Shannon draws her inspiration from some of her former counselors, and has always tried to follow in their footsteps of happiness and positivity. Let’s get a nice Yay, Rah, Rah for Shannon!   Check back in regularly to learn about our awesome...

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Bunk1 Update

Posted on Jul 15, 2015 in Uncategorized

Greetings! We want to provide a preemptive update about our Bunk1 updates for tonight and tomorrow during the day. Today we have taken so many great pictures, but you will notice a brief hiatus in photos for our morning and afternoon. We will resume taking pictures at dinner tomorrow, and will make sure we keep you as up to date as possible! We appreciate your understanding, and we can’t wait to bring you our next update! Thanks, Camp Woodstock’s Public Relations...

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Want to know more about our incredible staff?

Posted on Jul 15, 2015 in Camp Stories, Camp Updates

Ever wonder how our program leader became program leader? Ever ask yourself how someone finds themselves as a CIT, JC, or senior counselor? We are pleased to share with you that we are starting a new feature…Staff Spotlight! Starting this Saturday, we will be sharing the stories of our staff, and why Camp is so special to them. Excited? We are too!

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World Service Cookout A Success!

Posted on Jul 13, 2015 in Camp Stories, Camp Updates

If you’ve ever checked in at the start of a session before, then you’ve probably seen people flipping burgers and hot dogs, and more importantly, people eating and laughing together. Our World Service cookout is a very important part of our check in days. Besides it being an opportunity to eat before our campers start their time at camp, it also raises money for our Sister Y in the Dominican Republic. Our board members worked hard to make sure everyone was fed, and we think it’s safe to say that the whole event was a success! This summer, we have raised a lot of money, but we still have a long way to go. This is a very important cause to Camp Woodstock, and we can’t wait to see how much more we can raise in the second half of the...

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