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Nurse’s Corner

Our infirmary is staffed 24 hours a day by a certified RN as well as an LPN or EMT. Most of our nurses are parents themselves and understand what it is like for a camper to be away from home and not feeling well.   The nurses not only attend to sick or injured campers, but they are also in charge of all camper and staff medications.

To help ensure the health and safety of your child during summer sports and active play, the State of Connecticut has developed a website providing information on recognizing and responding to concussions. Please familiarize yourself with the signs and symptoms of concussions and discuss it with your child.

There are multiple ways to make our camp staff aware of your child’s medical needs:

  1. Check-In Day. This is your opportunity to speak directly with our nursing staff, directors and your child’s Unit Leader and counselors.
  2. By phone or e-mail. If you are concerned about your child’s particular medical needs, please contact camp ahead of time and ask to speak to our camp nursing staff (during the summer) or our Camp Directors (before camp begins).
  3. Camper Health Form.  This is a requirement for all campers and staff and alerts our nursing staff as to more specific medical needs of your camper.

Check In

At each check-in table there will be a nurse who is there to collect any health forms, medications, medical release forms and to answer any questions you may have.  This is also your opportunity to make our nursing staff aware of any health concerns or issues your child may have while at camp.  Our nurse will also do a quick “check” of your child to see if they have any obvious physical conditions that may limit your child’s participation in camp such as a cast or crutches, and we look for conditions that may be contagious to others. You will also be asked if there has been any recent illness in your household such as the flu or if your child has been sick recently.

Health Form

Every camper and staff member must have a health form signed by their parent/guarding a as well as an attached physical and immunization history signed by a licensed health care provider. It is important that the health form is filled out completely, including emergency contact information, the “Emergency Authorization” portion is signed.  If your child plans to take any prescription medication while at camp, it is important that this portion is also filled out and signed by a physician and that this section exactly matches what’s on the camper’s medicine container.

If, for religious or cultural reasons, your child has not had a physical exam or been vaccinated against routine childhood diseases they can still participate in camp. We still require that you provide contact information and sign the bottom of our standard health form. Attach to our form the appropriate religious exemption documentation form signed by your spiritual leader.
If you forget to bring your camper’s health form with you, we will have forms available at the nurse’s station. These must be completed and returned to the camp within 24 hours. Per regulations of the State of Connecticut, a child cannot stay at camp for over 24 hours without a health form.


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