Enjoy our new podcast, Woodstock Whispers! (The First 8 Episodes)

Capturing 100 years of stories YMCA Camp Woodstock celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2022. As we head to that milestone, we are looking to capture (and re-capture) conversations with Woodstockers over the ages to hear what's changed, what has stayed the same, what memories people have and how Woodstock impacted their lives. Let us know if you have a story to share with the Woodstock community as a part of this history project. Email: georgezack@gmail.com You can also call in to the podcast now!  We have set up a Google [...]

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The Woodstock Spirit

A Teacher's Reflection Anyone who has walked in the Pines of YMCA Camp Woodstock has sensed the magic that transcends Black Pond, the shaded paths, and the cozy cabins. Campers of all ages have felt the Woodstock Spirit linger in their hearts for over 95 years. The joy of camp permeates the darkest of places in some of the saddest of times. December is a hard time of year for students, the light of summer memories is fading and the stress of first quarter report cards is looming. As a Woodstock [...]

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We’re having a SCORCHER today!

Woah! The weather reports are for some serious heat today! Never fear, we'll still have fun in the Pines. We will be making sure all of our friends are SUPER hydrated and covered in sun lotion...and, as a special treat we are having a Morning Free Swim! Campers will get a chance to cool off in Black Pond twice today! We'll be bringing you photos of all the fun soon! Stay cool today!

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Staff Spotlight: Alissa S.

Meet Alissa, one of our amazing Senior Counselors at Camp Woodstock and most recent recipient of the Staff Creed Award. During her time on staff, Alissa has handled every curveball thrown out her with grace and integrity and we couldn't be more proud of her achievements. She credits former staff member Hannah Aitken for showing her the value of constantly improving, and she has made that commitment to improvement clear. She can be found doing anything and everything at camp, which is where she says she feels most at home [...]

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Staff Spotlight: Shane M.

Meet Shane, the Senior Counselor who was chosen to be the Reaper for Session 2 CHAOS! Now in this 6th summer at camp, this Fairfield, CT native showed his stuff this past session by always doing a great job with quiet grace. We are so lucky to have Shane here at Camp Woodstock! He comes back again and again because everyone here is friendly, but everyone at camp knows that they can always rely on Shane to be a friend too! Shane also says that he likes to be able [...]

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What is being an LIT All About (written with help from LITs)

Ever wonder what it's like to be an LIT at Camp Woodstock? We did too, so we asked some of our LIT friends to tell us what it's like....here's what they had to share. LIT stands for Leader In Training…and they are just that! The LIT program here at Camp Woodstock trains tomorrows leaders, whether that means they are the next generation of leaders here at camp or in their communities. They are spending a month at camp, which concludes at the end of this session. (Time flies!) Our LITs [...]

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