How To Stay Connected And Give Back:

Plan Woodstock’s 100 Year Celebration!

We are going to need lots of help to make Camp Woodstock’s 100th year a memorable one. Please fill out our form and let us know which projects you would be willing to help with.

Write YOUR Story!

What makes Camp Woodstock strong are the memories, stories and legends that have been passed down over time.  Each one is inherently different and important….and WE WANT YOURS!  If Woodstock has made a special impact on your life or if you just have a great camp story to share with us, please e-mail Tony at and help us continue to write Woodstock’s story for generations to come 🙂

Volunteer at Camp!

Camp is a big place and we’re always looking for a few extra hands to help us do both manual labor and office work.  If you are interested in spending some quality time with us, please contact Tony at  We’d love to have you!

Make a Donation!

Camp Woodstock’s Annual Campaign provides financial assistance to over 100 campers each summer. We’re also embarking on a Capital Campaign to preserve camp’s legacy for the next 100 years. Make a gift online today.