Camp Woodstock is led by a Board of Advisors that is comprised of volunteers from the Camp Woodstock community. Just like our campers, our volunteer Board members come from all over our service area.  Our Board of Advisors is very active and committed to Youth Development.

The YMCA is a volunteer-led organization, and effective board leadership makes possible so much of what we are able to accomplish in our community. We are fortunate at Camp Woodstock to have a Board of Advisors whose diversity of experience and strength of leadership make Woodstock one of the best camps in the country.


Board Chair – Alexandra Lucas

Vice Chair – Tim McGrath

Board Development Committee Chair – Mike Sherman

Finance Committee Chair – Dick Darrow

Community Engagement Committee Chair – Risa Filkoff

Marketing Committee Chair – Marcus Dandurand

Facility Committee Chair – Carey Greene

Annual Campaign Chair – Mary Schone


Other Board Members Include:

Art Snyder

Duncan Forsythe

Joel Steinman

Katie Thibault

Ivo Jaquez

Paul Pinette

Ericka Fangiullo

John Healy

Nick Merritt

Lexi Alban Cahill

Vince Castagno

Robin Silver Grace

Bruce Johnson

Lucia Osman

Norma-Jean Posocco



Craig Weinstein

Jen Daly

Sue Durant

Susannah McGlamery

Mike McGlamery

Michelle Rawcliffe