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Alumni Hall

This building hosts our Director’s offices and conference room. Our great multi-purpose room also serves as a Yoga Studio, Dodgeball Arena,  Dance Floor, or whatever creative ideas our staff comes up with!

Lakeside Dining Lodge

This is where all of our campers eat all their meals all together! With enough seating to fit all of camp it’s an awesome environment for making new friends, cheering your lungs out, and of course eating our great food!

Roskin Leadership Lodge

This is the home of our LIT (Leaders-In-Training) Program. The LITs live and learn here during their 4 week journey as they develop towards becoming leaders!

Boathouse Lodge

This is the home of our CITs (Counselors-In-Training). They spend all day engaging and having fun with campers while learning the ways of our Junior and Senior Counselors. Then they get to come back here for some well-earned rest and relaxation!

Pop’s Program Lodge

Pops Program LodgeWe use Pop’s Lodge for everything you can imagine! It is a great space for games like Ping Pong, Air Hockey and Foosball tables for use during free time. It also houses our Support and Program Offices where our staff work tirelessly to keep our campers engaged and happy. It’s like the heart of camp, located right in between Boy’s Side, Girl’s Side, and the Waterfront!

Summer Cabins

Our beautiful cabins are made of cedar shingles and pine interiors, keeping to the classic New England style. We have two separate groups of cabins: Boy’s Side and Girls Side. Campers get assigned to cabins based on their age and 3 counselors per cabin live with them, take care of them, and make sure they have an unforgettable summer!

New Yurt City

Our yurts house our oldest group of campers. They’re located away from Main Camp which gives the ‘yurters’ the chance to create a special bond within their group. They take part in choice acts specifically designed for them like Yurt Media, and even stay up a little later!

Bath Houses

We have three bath houses with toilets, sinks and showers in camp: one on Girl’s Side, one on Boy’s Side, and one for the Yurts. Our maintenance crews clean the bathrooms twice every day to keep a clean environment for your children.



ChapelThis is where all of camp congregates on Sunday mornings. Our director Tony Gronski shares a story related to one of our CHoRR Values; Caring, Honesty, Respect, Responsibility. Then we have the privilege of hearing about experiences around the world. Whether a reflection on a staff member’s World Service trip to the Dominican Republic or personal stories from international staff about life in Nigeria, this is always an eye opening presentation.

Council Ring

Council RingThis is where all of camp meets up for Opening and Closing Campfires and also serves as a general meeting place. Our staff produce hilarious skits on stage to advertise activities they’ll be leading and to introduce evening games!

Main TrailMain Trail

This is the trail that connects the cabins to the Lakeside Dining Lodge and the Pines (Roskin Lodge and New Yurt City). It’s a beautiful place to walk and is lighted at night for everyone’s safety!


FenwayThis is our own version of the Green Monster. Campers can take Wiffle Ball as a class or use the space to start games of their own during free time!


View our CAMP MAP!