Welcome to The Friendship Camp!

We’re located in the beautiful pines of Woodstock, Connecticut. We offer sleep-away summer camp and day camp for boys and girls ages 7 – 16. Our typical session is 2 weeks, but shorter and longer options are available. Your camper will have a wonderful and memorable summer here at Camp Woodstock!  

Our Camp Programs

2022 Covid Safety

Camp Woodstock follows all Covid guidance from the CDC and State of Connecticut. In 2020 and 2021, we went above and beyond that guidance to keep our community safe and healthy. As the situation evolves, so does the guidance. Learn more about our 2022 Covid precautions, testing, and vaccinations.

Rates & Dates

Our summer camp programs for 2022 will run June 26th – August 19th. We have “pay what you can afford” (3-tier) pricing, and also offer financial assistance for all families with a household annual income below $100,000! Learn more

Open House

This year we are replacing our Open House with personalized tours of camp for each family. Arrange a Tour


Campers can choose from dozens of classic summer camp activities for their daily schedule. Plus, our famously creative evening programs get the entire camp involved for the most anticipated event of the day! Learn more

Why Summer Camp Matters

Summer camp provides a safe environment to try new activities, live with new people, make new friends, eat new foods, and sometimes deal with homesickness. It is in this time, out of their comfort zone, that children develop life skills, independence, and self-confidence. At camp, kids learn to express themselves. We often hear “Camp allows me to be myself. At camp, I belong.”

Why Camp Woodstock is Special

Two things set Camp Woodstock apart from other summer camps. First is our culture, which is driven by our CHoRR (pronounced “core”) values of Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility. The CHoRR values are how we connect with campers, and how campers learn to connect with others.

Second is our counselors, who are passionate and committed to your child’s well-being during his or her Camp Woodstock experience. Nearly every one of our counselors was once a camper at Camp Woodstock, and has come up through the ranks of our selective and rigorous leadership training program. Each counselor is an excellent role model for your child.

We are known as The Friendship Camp for good reason: Campers have been making lifelong friendships “down by the lake” since 1922!