Daily Schedule

7:15 Wake-up and Hygiene (We have a big bell that the staff rings to wake up camp)
8:00 Line-up for Breakfast (All of camp circles up for fun announcements)
8:15 Breakfast
9:00 Cabin Clean-up (Every cabin is responsible for cleaning the cabin and making his/her bed each morning)
9:15 Cabin Activity (This activity is chosen by the cabin counselors and helps create friendships in the cabin)
10:15 First Choice Activity (Campers pick their Choice Acts for the week on Sunday. They will have over 30 activities to choose from! )
11:15 Second Choice Activity (Choice Act Example: Sailing, Archery, or Arts & Crafts)
12:30 Line-up for lunch (We all line up outside the Dining Hall for fun announcements and Cabin Cleaning Scores)
12:45 Lunch
1:30 Rest Hour (Campers rest in their cabins – they can read, play cards write letters or take a nap!)
2:30 Third Choice Activity
3:30 Fourth Choice Activity
4:30 Free Swim / Juice Jam (Campers can go to the camp store for snacks, go swimming, hang out, play basketball, GaGa, volleyball, or board games. FREE TIME)
6:00 Dinner
7:00 Ben Hour (MORE free time for play and boating!)
7:30 Evening Program (We play All-Camp games that run all over camp – see below for a list of evening games)
9:00 Vespers (We use this time to bring down the energy of camp and prepare for bed time – we read a story; some staff will play a song, tell a story, or campers will share a poem)
9:45 Reflections/Lights Out (Reflections is a time when the cabin will reflect on the day and discuss a topic chosen by one of the counselors.(Example: If you had a super power what would it be?)

What are Cabin Activities?

Cabin Activities are activities that are chosen by your child’s cabin counselors and are done as a cabin three mornings a week. These could include a group hike, making a cabin flag, playing a sport against another cabin, or going canoeing.

What are Choice Activities?

Choice Activities are the 4 activities that campers choose at the beginning of each week (Sunday) and then participate in through the week (2 in the morning & 2 in the afternoon). This doesn’t mean that you won’t get to try other activities, but it’s a great way to learn and build upon a skill.

What are Evening Programs?

Evening Programs are games put together by our staff that are played by all of camp during a certain time period after dinner. Games are generally played with each cabin being its own team and working together to complete certain tasks for points. The next day at lunch the winners and runners-up are announced and those points could go towards winning the Director’s Trophy at the end of the session!