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Woodstock @ Home

The Virtual Woodstock Experience

In these challenging times, with families sheltering at home, we know kids need constructive, creative, and social experiences more than ever.

That’s why Camp Woodstock is pleased to announce a brand new experiment in summer camping. We are bringing the spirit of Camp Woodstock to your home in an interactive Virtual Camp experience. We’re calling it “Woodstock @ Home.”

All our campers know that a week at Woodstock is unlike a week at any other camp. And so Woodstock @ Home will be unlike any other virtual camp or virtual classroom. We will offer a unique mix of live video-chat sessions, offline independent challenges, and evening programming of live or recorded video. But what makes Woodstock @ Home really special, is how our talented staff will adapt our traditions, games, and friendship focused programming for a virtual connection.

Woodstock @ Home Staff

Meet Kate-Lynn (Hyph) and Ben, your Woodstock @ Home Staff!

What Campers Can Expect:

  • Open to campers ages 7-15.
  • 5 consecutive days of activities to look forward to.
  • 2 hours each day of live connection with a “cabin” of 2 counselors and up to 12 campers.
  • A daily independent challenge to keep the creativity flowing away from the computer screen.
  • Evening programs like campfires broadcasted live from camp, or video highlights from the days activities.

What Parents Can Expect:

  • A safe space for your kids to make friends and build social skills.
  • At least 2 hours daily where kids are engaged in constructive programming that helps kids build independence.
  • Creative daily challenges with low cost household materials (list provided in advance).
  • A memorable Woodstock experience for just $75 per week (per camper).

Additional Details & How to Connect:

Unlike overnight and day camp, Woodstock @ Home staff are not able to provide full adult supervision of your child via video connection. Parents will be responsible for a stable internet connection, a video streaming device or computer, and getting campers connected to the meetings and videos each day. Woodstock will send secure video chat links to parents using Zoom. Live-streams will be available publicly on Facebook and Instagram.

Please click the link below to register for a week of Woodstock @ Home for $75. You can also help us pilot the program by signing up for the FREE 2-day mini program. Space is limited to just 24 campers per week for now so register soon. We also ask that you join the wait-list if sessions are full.

Program Dates:

Pilot: June 23 – 24  (FULL)
Week 1: June 29 – July 3
Week 2: July 6 – 10
Week 3: July 13 – 17
Week 4: July 20 – 24
Week 5: July 27 – 31
Week 6: Aug 3 – 7
Week 7: Aug 10 – 14
Week 8: Aug 17 – 21


Daily Schedules

Morning Session (Ages 7-15)
9:15-9:30am Sign-In, Log-In, Cabin Check
9:30-11:30am Live Cabin Activities (packed with a variety of activities relating to the day’s theme)
11:30-12:30pm Independent Challenge (staff available through chat)

Evening Programs (open to all)
7:00-7:30pm At least 2 times each week

Programming Overview:

Just like summer camp, we have designed virtual camp programming that will help your camper:

  • Build supportive relationships
  • Develop new skills (communication, teamwork, creativity)
  • Reinforce Camp Woodstock’s CHoRR values (Caring, Honesty, Respect, Responsibility)
  • Share of themselves in an emotionally safe environment
  • Have opportunities for autonomy and decision making

Activities will include camp favorites and many more, such as: Space Invaders, CHAOS, Ukulele, Outdoor Cooking, Mad Science, The Hunt, Mission Impossible, Arts and Crafts (Tie Dye too!), Cardboard Robots (They move too!), Egg Drop, Foil Frenzy, The Power of Duct Tape, and more!


  • How do I know my child will be safe and will not be exposed to things I do not want them to see on the internet? 
    • Working with Zoom encryption services and all virtual camp “cabins” will be monitored by two staff members who are in charge of granting access to the room based on registration. 
    • We will work off guidelines and suggestions for increased internet safety from programs like Darkness 2 Light. 
    • A teacher who is an expert in afterschool care and summer safety. She has built safety trainings for summer, out-of-school time and childcare providers alike as they enter the virtual world. We are working closely with Mary to make sure our digital safety practices meet the highest standards.
  • If something happens on the video call, will I be notified?
    • All parents will be notified by email if a camper breaks the code of conduct or not in accordance with our CHoRR Values of Caring Honesty, Respect and Responsibility.
  • Video Call Safety: 
    • Staff will utilize the waiting room and password protection safety features on Zoom as a part of attendance, only granting access to those registered for the session. Staff will be recording each video call session for our records and for safety. Any accessible tools of video calling that could become a threat to the safety of all children will be managed such that only the host will be able to utilize them. 
  • My child has disabilities/learns in a different manner than most, virtual schooling has already been a struggle, how can you ensure that virtual camp will be a program to help them succeed? 
    • We will utilize through guidelines suggested by the American Camp Association (ACA) and various online educational resources to ensure training and programming built will accommodate multiple learning styles and abilities.  Incorporating movement and a variety of activities that will encourage varying ages and children to stay involved with the programming as we progress through it.
    • A certified PE Teacher  will be assisting us in active/movement based programming to continue the engagement and allow for breaks in the day to help screen time.
    • A certified Middle School Math Teacher, will be assisting us in adaptive programming for students with disabilities and encouraging consistent, active participation in a virtual setting.   
  • Cyberbullying is an issue among younger children, how will you aid in ensuring that my child does not face bullying in this manner?
    • We will continue the practices of Camp Woodstock in the virtual setting, ensuring to shut down any negative/bullying language. Campers will continue to sign the “Camper Code of Ethics” as they would before arriving for Day or Resident camp. We will transition the rest of our rules and behavior expectations to the virtual world and send home additional information prior to virtual cabin acts.
  • So virtual cabin acts sound cool, but what about supervision of my child? 
    • Because staff members are not physically there and the group is not together, please be mindful that we will not be able to supervise your child in the same way we would on camp. 
  • Will my child need equipment for these activities? How will we know how to prepare them?
    • We plan to run sign ups on a 1 week session basis. The staff send the schedule and any necessary materials lists that will be distributed the weekend before the session begins. 
  • We will continue with our rules and expectations of staff and campers as we do during resident camp.  

Watch the live Q&A and meet the staff!

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