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The Black Pond Post is an e-mail publication that allows us to keep Woodstockers far and wide informed about what’s happening at camp throughout the year.  Check out our past editions to see what’s been happening at camp and check in each month for a new edition!

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January ’16

Teen Wide World is a program that Camp Woodstock has run for over ten years. This weekend provides kids from a variety of backgrounds within the Greater Hartford area the opportunity to come together and talk about stereotypes and other social issues they identify in their communities. Read more about the latest event!

November ’15

Here at YMCA Camp Woodstock we are thankful for lots of things. In particular, one thing we pride ourselves on is the focus of our core values of Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility. This month Executive Director, Tony Gronski reflects on what he is thankful for at Camp Woodstock and the values we teach every day.

July ’15

Summer Camp is underway! Read camper submissions from Creative Writing Class, hear about cabin life and more!

June ’15

As we get ready for Summer Camp to kick off we’ve taken a look at what it means to come to Camp Woodstock and what kind of effect this experience has on our campers as they go through life.

May ’15

Here at the YMCA we know that Youth Development does not only happen during the school year. Research across the country has shown that keeping children’s minds and bodies enhanced throughout the summer months leads to increases in academic retention and overall development.

April ’15

A Life Well Lived After Camp Woodstock. This edition explores the Peace Corps experience of our CW alumnus, Sarah Bonner. After over 10 years at Camp and an education in Sociology, Social Thought, and Political Economy at UMass Amherst, Sarah set out to the Dominican Republic to aid the development of a small community.

March ’15

What does it mean to throw like a girl? This month’s edition discusses the well-known Super Bowl commercial and what it means to our campers and people everywhere. 

February ’15

Our Program Director for the summer of 2014 was Conley Cummings. This is a story about the work that he is doing now at FUTURES, an individual education school for young children with autism.

January ’15

“My kids come home tired, stinky, and really content”. Several testimonies we received this past summer led us to reflect on the values children develop during a summer at Camp Woodstock.

December ’14

Have you heard about our Annual Campaign? Our goal is to raise enough money to provide financial aid ‘camperships’ to 146 campers this summer of 2015. Read this article to hear from the Campaign Chair, Emily Kubena!

November ’14

Eagle Scouts are completing projects around camp, winter camp is coming, and a great idea for those Thanksgiving leftovers.

October ’14 

A Woodstock alumnus, Emily Roberts, spent a semester in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic working at the Isabelita YMCA. She helped to start and run an after-school program, bringing many ideas from her years as a Woodstock camper and counselor.

September ’14

H.H. Ellis Tech and E.C. Goodwin high school students are getting valuable job experience while helping make improvements to camp’s facilities.  Check out the renovation of Clover Hill!

June ’14

Get to know Conley Cummings, our Program Director for Summer Camp 2014!

March ’14

Get to know Anthony Gronski, Camp Woodstock’s Executive Director!

February ’14

Have you met Lauren Remillard? She’s camp’s new Youth Leadership Director. Find out more here!

January ’14

Project 136 is our initiative to raise enough money to give financial aid to 136 campers for the summer of 2014!

December ’13

Hannah Richardson is our Summer Camp Director. Get to know her here!

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