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Project complete!

Multiple waterfront improvements were finished this spring just in time for campers to enjoy the refreshing waters of Black Pond. Starting next summer and well into the future, generations of campers both old and new to Camp Woodstock (as well as other guests) will enjoy all that this new WOW (Wonder of Woodstock) has to offer.

Camp Woodstock Waterfront - Black Pond

According to Executive Director Tony Gronski, “The overall value of the project exceeds $250,000 and was funded by generous friends of Woodstock coupled with a YUSA grant.”

In addition to the work completed by contractors, masonry students from Ellis Technical High School built the retaining wall and new stairs, while cadets from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy braved the chilly waters of Black Pond to disassemble and remove the old dock. Camp staff, teamed with volunteers and Board members, helped build, move, and assemble the docks. Steve Phillips and Jeff Williams, both staff members of the YMCA of Greater Hartford, also helped the camp staff with project support.

The new WOW dock measures over 2,500 square feet and has a composite deck, 16-inch floatation boxes and has a full 6-foot-wide walk-around deck. Additionally, this WOW also includes new safety railings. To complete the WOW, new sand has been added to the beach which now extends from the Skippers Post to just short of the fishing dock.

The new dock enhances lifeguard coverage, includes additional safety features and is essentially maintenance-free.

Jumping DockAnother addition and huge hit this summer is a second slightly taller jumping deck.

An elevated and covered deck measuring 28.5 feet wide and a total of 50 feet long when combined with the existing porch has been added to the boathouse porch overlooking beautiful Black Pond and will serve as an outdoor meeting space and rainy-day cover. In time removable seasonal side walls will be added to the deck to extend off-season use.

Summer Camp Director Will Jones added, “This new covered deck has been perfect for us this summer. It provides us outdoor space, provides shade on hot days and cover during rainy days.”

Carey Greene
Woodstocker Since 1957, Camp Woodstock Board Member and Woodstock Facility Chair

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