2015-07-01T16:37:40-04:00July 1st, 2015|Categories: Camp Stories, Camp Updates|

Thunderstorms and rain can’t stop us from having another amazing day here in the Pines! We were sad to see our Tenderfeet campers leave, but still had fun. Cabin Acts kicked off our day, as close to planned as possible. We did everything from Frisbee Golf to “Wand Making” to “Cherokee Sports” to Trust Building exercises. The rain let up so we were able to go to our Morning Classes as scheduled! This morning contained Dream Catcher crafting in Arts and Crafts, Iron Chef Outdoor Cooking, and Bamboo Rod Fishing. We had an exciting “Dice Lunch”, where a giant foam die dictated how we ate lunch. Our favorite was “Backwards Lunch.”

We had a well-deserved rest hour, and then when off to our afternoon classes. Highlights included “Baking Soda Bombs” in Mad Scientist and climbing the tower in Expedition. Free swim as always was filled with smiles in all of the swimming sections and bracelet making on Clover Terrace, as well as Gaga, cornhole and ChocoTacos.

Tonight is our Halloween-themed World Service Carnival. Campers will have a great time playing games and doing activities with tickets that they buy to support our sister Y in the Dominican Republic. We’ll have tons of photos and also an update as to how much we raise tomorrow!

Also, we have a message for parents who are signed up for Bunk1. As you may know, we have been having some technical issues with the Blog Posts on Bunk1, and wanted provide an update (Don’t worry, nothing is wrong with the pictures!). We will be working closely with Bunk1 to make sure that Blog Posts are also being provided through them, but there may be times that the post is only on this page. Please continue checking both pages so you don’t miss a thing!

Until tomorrow….