2015-07-03T21:42:48-04:00July 3rd, 2015|Categories: Camp Stories, Camp Updates|

What a day! Some of us were up and at ’em at the first bell this morning…we had two Raids this morning! Even though its not the best kind of wake up call, its safe to say that everyone still had fun. Breakfast kept the energy high, as we had Jazzercize Breakfast to keep our blood pumping. Cabin acts and our morning classes made us even happier. Today were Swim Checks during Swim Lessons, and many campers moved up in level or even graduated from lessons! (Woo hoo!).

Friday Lunch means PIZZA! We enjoyed our pizza with plenty of cheers, especially Boys Side v. Girls Side cheers. We had a nice relaxing rest hour before we headed out for our afternoon activities. Our tie dyes are all out drying (did you see the picture on our Instagram? https://instagram.com/p/4sjiHFFEJB/?taken-by=ymcacampwoodstock) and we made s’mores at Outdoor Cooking. After our classes were over (unfortunatly) we went off to free swim. We enjoyed plenty of Chipwhiches and ChocoTacos, Gaga, frisbee, and swimming.

Our LITs returned safe and sound from their camping trip to Vermont during free swim, where it didn’t rain at all! They enjoyed all the traditions of the LIT camping trip (canoeing, swimming, and lots of bonding!) and were very happy that the weather forecast improved in their favor!

After dinner, we went for our Unit Closing Campfires (Don’t worry…if your camper is here for two weeks, there will be another Campfire next week!) We had fun skits, songs, and reflections before heading to our bunks for the night.

We are sad that some of our campers are leaving us tomorrow, but we are also looking forward to all that the weekend has in store! Parents, be sure to check Bunk1 to get a peak at our camper newspaper that came out today at lunchtime!

Good night!