2015-07-02T22:31:19-04:00July 2nd, 2015|Categories: Camp Stories, Camp Updates|

So many smiles today at Camp Woodstock! We had so many things to smile about, too! Today we had fun in all of our Open Acts and our classes. Ear to ear grins were just abundant! In the afternoon, we had even more fun…and it didn’t stop there! Free swim had all the usual activities, with one new exciting addition: a tetherball pole at the Lower Cabin Field! We had so much fun with our new feature!

Today was Thursday….which means it was Cookout Dinner! And tonight, our Day Camp friends got to stay for dinner and Evening Programming! Our game tonight was BRAND NEW! It’s called “The Hunt”, where everyone is predator and everyone is prey! We had so much FUN!

Everyone is sad that tomorrow is the last day of this week’s classes, but we are looking forward to the weekend too! Parents, check Bunk1 tomorrow for a copy of our Camper Newspaper, The Black Pond Post.


Good night from Camp Woodstock!