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Staff Spotlight: Brenna H.

Posted on Jul 21, 2015 in Camp Stories, Camp Updates

Meet Super Senior Counselor Brenna! This Winthrop, MA native is now in her 11th summer at Camp and was chosen to be The Reaper in Dayos this past week for her awesome work so far this summer. Over her time on staff, Brenna has proven to be an irreplaceable presence on camp and can always be spotted with some kind of cat apparel. When she is not at camp, Brenna is teaching preschool through Jumpstart as a volunteer while she studies special education at Wheelock College. Drawing inspiration from Sarah Bonner to always see the good in people and in herself, Brenna keeps coming back to Woodstock because she has met some of her best friends here and loves that everyone looks out for one another.


Let’s get a nice Yay, Rah, Rah! for Brenna!


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