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In October 2014 the Black Pond Post, our monthly newsletter (subscribe here), ran a report on the whereabouts of a Camp Woodstock alum, Emily Roberts. Emily is a Marketing Communication major at Emerson College in Boston, but decided to spend the Fall ’14 semester in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. While there she has started and been running an after school program for the local school children there. She has implemented her many skills and activities that she learned while being both a camper and a counselor at Camp for 10 years. Emily is a fantastic example of giving back. Here at Camp Woodstock we educate our campers about these opportunities specifically through our World Service Project. This project makes it possible for campers to donate 50 cents a day to our World Service fund. At the end of the summer we add all this money up and send it to our sister YMCA in the Dominican Republic. This past summer we raised over $8,000 to help improve living and learning conditions in Santo Domingo. Emily is truly an example of living our cause and we hope her model has laid the ground works for many Camp alumni to follow in the future.