2015-07-05T22:24:51-04:00July 5th, 2015|Categories: Camp Stories, Camp Updates|

New campers! New campers! New campers!

After a well-deserved sleep in breakfast, complete with doughnuts and relaxation, we went to a Responsibility-themed chapel. We talked about what it means to be responsible, what life is like in the Dominican Republic and learned a new song from Puerto Rico. The fun continued with our traditional Sunday Swim Across the Lake. Campers who didn’t swim or boat had fun on land, playing Carpet Ball, Gaga and Frisbee.

Lunch and rest hour came and went…and then our new campers arrived! We started bonding right away by playing Where’s Waldo and finishing the game with an ice cream social on Clover Terrace. From there, we picked some new Choice Acts and went off to dinner.

Tonight’s game was Space Invaders. We had so much fun tracking down Corka Jewels and saving Camp from aliens taking over!

Everyone is sure ready for bed now!!