2015-07-08T16:39:32-04:00July 8th, 2015|Categories: Camp Stories, Camp Updates|

It’s another Woodstock Wednesday here in The Pines! This morning kicked off with Cabin Acts…we had everything from Unit 3 Dance Party to flower pot painting to telescope making to learning how to square dance! From Cabin Acts we went off to our morning classes. Highlights from this morning ranged from Quesadillas in Outdoor Cooking to building mobiles in Arts in Crafts and learning how to dive in Swim Lessons.

Lunch today was Sloppy Joes! We sure had fun cheering and eating and rehydrating, and were ready for rest hour! Our afternoon classes went just as well as the morning. We had fun climbing the tower in Expedition, Grannying, and Paddle Boarding around Black Pond. Even though we had a few minutes of rain, we couldn’t be stopped!

Free swim today saw lots of swimming and boating, Gaga and Frisbee, and as always, lots of smiles!

Tonight’s program is Evening Free Swim, and we are so excited for our Day Camp friends to stay late to play with us! Campers will be able to swim or choose from counselor led Open Acts…we are anticipating lots and lots of smiles! Be sure to check in on Bunk1 for lots of pictures!

What does tomorrow hold? It’s a mystery, but we have a feeling it may be a little chaotic… (wink wink!)

PS. We have good news! Our blog function on Bunk1 is now working! We will be migrating Daily Updates into Bunk1 starting tomorrow, but will still be updating this blog regularly!