2015-07-04T18:55:43-04:00July 4th, 2015|Categories: Camp Stories, Camp Updates|

Happy Independence Day from Camp Woodstock! We started off this special day with some help from the Woodstock Fire Department, by driving a firetruck around camp to help us wake up! Our fun didn’t stop there…after taking an all camp photo with the firetruck, we had a great Patriotic DJ Breakfast, complete with fresh blueberry pancakes!

It was sad to say goodbye to our one-week campers, but after we did, we continued with our festivities. Cabins all painted flags for our parade, and then we played a Patriotic Zombie game run by our CITs. The fun didn’t stop there, as we had DJ lunch too!

Our CITs continued the fun by running Unit Acts after rest hour. Even though there was a little bit of rain, our positive attitudes couldn’t be washed away! Due to the rain, we had our Parade in the Dining Hall…but it was still a lot of fun! Every cabin strutted their stuff and showed off their flags. If that wasn’t fun enough, we finished off the Parade with a Popcorn Party before Free Swim!

Dinner included a lively cheer battle between the LITs and the rest of camp. We may have been red in the face by the end, but it was all well worth it!

Now, we are off to The Dance, where our theme is (you guessed it) Fourth of July! The festivities will conclude with some awesome fireworks and some very tired campers!

Tomorrow more campers come in and we couldn’t be more excited!! Woohoo! Happy Independence Day!