2015-06-30T22:08:09-04:00June 30th, 2015|Categories: Camp Stories, Camp Updates|

What a day to be a Woodstocker! The clouds have cleared and we are finally having summer weather in the Pines of Woodstock. This morning, we held our first Open Acts, where we did everything from “Cat Sabotage” to “De-Pin the Tail on the Donkey” to “Lanky Yoga.” After Open Acts, we went to our morning choice acts. Unit One Fishing had an exciting day, as they spotted our elusive resident turtle, Oscar. Smiles were abundant at Arts and Crafts, where we were making Balloon Lanterns today.

Our afternoon classes were just as fun as the morning, and included Water Aerobics in the Red Section, rock climbing in The Cave, and a Navy Seals and Ultimate Frisbee crossover game of Sabotage. The fun didn’t stop there, though! Free swim saw Arnold Palmers and Ice Cream Sandwiches, sailing Black Pond, and lots of Gaga!

Tonight was “Letter Dinner.” Campers and staff alike were asked to write a letter to whoever they want and bring it with them to send off before our awesome meal of pot roast and potatoes. We had so much fun writing our letters! After candy, soccer, gaga, and boating during Ben Hour, we played a camp favorite: Scavenger Hunt!

We finished off the evening by resurrecting our tradition of “Vespers.” Tonight’s Vesper was a reading of the book Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes done by our lovely Waterfront Directors, Brie and Kelly.

Everyone is ready for bed after such a jam packed day!