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Over 200 Woodstockers came to camp for the 95th Anniversary Celebration June 16th – 18th. Alumni from the 1950s-2016 brought their loved ones, including many future Woodstockers, to experience camp, some for the first time. It was a perfect weekend to gather, reminisce, and reconnect.

Those who arrived on Friday night were greeted by rain, but it did little to diminish the Woodstock Spirit. Upon arrival, Woodstockers made their way to the twinkling lights of  Pop’s Lodge to get their cabin assignments, roast marshmallows, and find old friends.

Just like old times, camp awoke to the ringing of the bell on Saturday morning, summoning everyone to head down the trail to the dining hall for lineup and breakfast. The morning was filled with traditional camp activities led by alumni now famous for teaching them: Robin (Silver) Grace led archery competitions, Craig Doucette ran outdoor cooking, and Katie (Pfaffmann) Pescatello taught tie-dying at arts & crafts. Michelle (Doucette) Rawcliffe sold camp merchandise from the trading post and the waterfront was open for swimming, boating, and cannonballs off the new jumping platform.



Later in the day, Dr. Hatchet (Mike Sherman) simultaneously spooked and delighted Woodstockers of all ages during Family Friendly C.H.A.O.S.  A Camp Woodstock museum was set up in Pop’s Lodge so alumni could share their photos and yearbooks. In the afternoon, the Camp Woodstock Board of Advisors shared plans for camp’s future while Woodstockers enjoyed dessert Fruit Pizza made by Susan Sherman and Melany Gronski, and Whoopee Pies made by Darlene Moore.



Saturday evening dinner started, as all meals at camp do, with lineup, announcements (baseball scores), and grace. This dinner was special, however, because Connecticut State Representative Patrick Boyd presented a certificate signed by the Governor certifying this day, June 17th, 2017 as Camp Woodstock Day. Happy campers then ate spaghetti and meatballs while cheers and songs rang nostalgically throughout the dining hall.

The evening campfire was led by former program director Susannah McGlamery. Entertainment included a skit by recent alumni pretending to be the Board of Advisors, a lesson in how-to moose walk, an elaborate lion hunt, many repeat-after-me songs including “The Princess Pat,” a hilarious version of “I’m Glad I am an LIT”, and a visit from two Chief Acquttimaugs! Camp Director Tony Gronski gave a poignant state-of-the-camp address before the campfire concluded with a candle lighting ceremony, the camp Hymn, and Peace and Taps. Those that were exhausted from the day fell fast asleep in their bunks while others gathered around quiet campfires  to continue reminiscing about their time at camp.

Sunday morning’s breakfast was pancakes and “Dunderback” sausages (cooked proudly by Bill Parkman, John Healy, Mark Dale & co.)! After breakfast, guests had the option of going to chapel, which was led by Mike Sherman and concluded with Renee Goucher, longtime Woodstock nurse, leading the group in song. Other Woodstockers relaxed and took in the beauty of camp. The final activity of the weekend was a photo based scavenger hunt run by Norma-Jean Posocco and Emily (Posocco) Dandurand. Lunch was filled with hugs and goodbyes just as if it was the last day of camp.

Celebrating 95 years of Camp Woodstock with alumni and their families was unforgettable. The weekend was filled with laughter, memories, traditions, and friendships (old and new). We want to thank the 95th Reunion Committee who planned the event, all those who helped make the reunion a success, and everyone who came to celebrate Woodstock. We are already looking forward to the 100th reunion in 2022 and hope to welcome even more Woodstockers back to the pines!

A special thanks to Board Members and Committee Co-Chairs Marcus Dandurand and Lexi Alban Cahill for leading months of planning meetings and choosing some wonderful alums to assist in the execution of the weekend.

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