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Staff Spotlight: Brenna H.

Meet Super Senior Counselor Brenna! This Winthrop, MA native is now in her 11th summer at Camp and was chosen to be The Reaper in Dayos this past week for her awesome work so far this summer. Over her time on staff, Brenna has proven to be an irreplaceable presence on camp and can always be spotted with some kind of cat apparel. When she is not at camp, Brenna is teaching preschool through Jumpstart as a volunteer while she studies special education at Wheelock College. Drawing inspiration from Sarah Bonner [...]

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Staff Spotlight: Shannon H

Meet our Store Manager, Shannon. Now in her 9th summer at camp, you can find Shannon at the Trading Post or helping train our LITs to become lifeguards. Following the footsteps of her father, Shannon describes camp as her second home. She has met her best friends here and feels that this is where she can truly be herself. When she isn't at camp, Shannon is studying history and education at UConn. She is an active member of her sorority, where she spends a lot of time fundraising for EGPAF [...]

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Want to know more about our incredible staff?

Ever wonder how our program leader became program leader? Ever ask yourself how someone finds themselves as a CIT, JC, or senior counselor? We are pleased to share with you that we are starting a new feature...Staff Spotlight! Starting this Saturday, we will be sharing the stories of our staff, and why Camp is so special to them. Excited? We are too!

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World Service Cookout A Success!

If you've ever checked in at the start of a session before, then you've probably seen people flipping burgers and hot dogs, and more importantly, people eating and laughing together. Our World Service cookout is a very important part of our check in days. Besides it being an opportunity to eat before our campers start their time at camp, it also raises money for our Sister Y in the Dominican Republic. Our board members worked hard to make sure everyone was fed, and we think it's safe to say that [...]

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Session 2 is officially underway!

Greetings from Camp Woodstock! We are excited to report that Session 2 is already underway and everyone has settled in for a great session! To find out what's going on at camp daily, be sure to check the Newsletter function on Bunk1. Keep checking in on this page for special features about campers, staff, and cool stories!

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Happy Woodstock Wednesday! (July 8)

It's another Woodstock Wednesday here in The Pines! This morning kicked off with Cabin Acts...we had everything from Unit 3 Dance Party to flower pot painting to telescope making to learning how to square dance! From Cabin Acts we went off to our morning classes. Highlights from this morning ranged from Quesadillas in Outdoor Cooking to building mobiles in Arts in Crafts and learning how to dive in Swim Lessons. Lunch today was Sloppy Joes! We sure had fun cheering and eating and rehydrating, and were ready for rest hour! Our [...]

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