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Hello Woodstockers,

Arguably, this moment in time is quickly becoming one of the greatest in our camp’s history—during significant strains on families, Camp Woodstock has worked tirelessly to remain resilient so that we may continue to serve youth as a place that offers safety, friendship, and positive mentors. This summer, Camp provided a Day Camp experience to over 170 individual kids from 120 families and a novel Virtual Camp program to over 50 campers. We were asked by our local Superintendents to provide childcare during the online school year so teachers and faculty could focus on virtual teaching. Camp rose up to the challenge, opening two sites for teachers’ kids to be in person with camp counselors during the week. We also received a record number of donations this year to ensure that camp is ready for 2021 so kids can get back to the Pines and experience the magic of Woodstock.

As you know, Camp has an honored tradition of staff and volunteers working together to ensure success of this beautiful place we all love. As we kick off the 100 Year Promise campaign, contributions of any size will help to offer an extraordinary impact in helping so many kids and families for the next 100 years. Your support will make sure that future generations of campers learn to swim, take lifeguarding classes, make lifelong friends, and have fun being themselves. With gratitude and humility, we are asking you to consider making a gift or joining our five-year giving program. Your support will ensure future generations that Camp will be here no matter what!

We all do not have the capacity to give at the same level.  However, we do have the capacity to give a considered pledge to this important cause. Please review the Capital Campaign web page and the brochure that expresses our case for the next 100 Year Promise Campaign.

Watch this video from alumni division co-chairs, Diane and Andy, who will tell you more about what this campaign means to camp! If you have not already done so, please contact us to discuss your capital pledge.

If you just can’t wait to contribute to the campaign, you have options to pay today:

Text 2 Give: Text cwcapital to 243725 to view the donation page.


Donate Online!

Thank you all for what you have already contributed, in so many ways, to Camp Woodstock. It has been an honor to be associated with you for so many years.

In the Spirit of Woodstock,

Mike Sherman
Campaign Co-Chair
Lauren Bertolini
Campaign Co-Chair