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The Woodstock Spirit

Posted on Dec 6, 2018 in Camp Stories

A Teacher’s Reflection

Anyone who has walked in the Pines of YMCA Camp Woodstock has sensed the magic that transcends Black Pond, the shaded paths, and the cozy cabins. Campers of all ages have felt the Woodstock Spirit linger in their hearts for over 95 years. The joy of camp permeates the darkest of places in some of the saddest of times. December is a hard time of year for students, the light of summer memories is fading and the stress of first quarter report cards is looming.

Camp Woodstock dog tagAs a Woodstock public school teacher, I am lucky enough to connect with students through our shared love of camp. Several local kids have benefited from the Community Campaign and were able to attend camp when they otherwise couldn’t afford it. When I asked one student why she loves camp so much she said; “because I can be myself and everyone is cool with that.” Another student,  who has experienced much adversity in life, was able to attend the day camp program this summer for the first time. During one particularly difficult week at school, I found a gift bag on my desk from the student with a handwritten note. Inside the bag I found her first year dog tag, an honor to receive from a camper. I hung the gift on my classroom wall and thanked her for reigniting the Woodstock Spirit in me. This December, find a way to spread the Woodstock Spirit to those around you.


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