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Hello Woodstockers!

Many Camp Woodstock Alumni have been volunteering their time and working hard (remotely) to prepare for Woodstock’s 100th year, coming soon in 2022. Here is an update on some of the projects already underway. If you are eager to lend a hand with any of these activities, please fill out our Alumni Contact Info form. We would love to hear from you!

Camp History:

  • George Zack has taken the lead on our oral history initiative, launching the podcast “Woodstock Whispers.” Listen to the first 6 episodes.
  • Shannon Healy is compiling songs and cheers from many sources into one master songbook.
  • Mike Sherman is leading our written history initiative, researching the camp archives to write the definitive story of Woodstock’s first 100 years.
  • Pam Levin is coordinating our historical camp photos and documents to be scanned/digitized.
  • Leigh Hansen has started to sort the digital photos into albums on our new Flickr Photo Archive (with many more scanned photos coming soon).
  • If you have photos to add to the public digital archive, please email us! (Desired photos include: camp directors, staff, notable events, traditional activities, buildings, scenic photos, documents, etc)

Alumni Outreach:

  • Over 350 CW Alums have filled out our Alumni Contact Info form. Have you?
  • We have collected thousands of staff names from camp yearbooks dating back to the 70s. We are still ramping up outreach to track down as many as we can.
  • Diane Belcher and Andy Bauer are leading Alumni outreach.
  • We have selected “decade captains” and dozens of “connectors” to reach their friends and friends-of-friends.
  • Social Networking groups can also be found on our Alumni webpage. Please post your memories here if you are on Facebook or Linkedin.

Merch / Online Store:

  • We are working to bring you an online store. We hope to have a wide selection of merchandise and designs shaped by what Alumni want to buy. Alyssa Ruderman is helping with the store platform and logistics. Hang tight!

100th Celebration Weekend:

  • We have heard from many of you about how to make the 100th even bigger and better than the 95th celebration weekend.
  • We are now about 1.5 years away from this event, so we will be sending out invites to the next planning meetings in Jan 2021.
  • Fingers crossed that we can safely convene the largest gathering of Alumni in Woodstock history!

CW 95th Celebration

Thanks for all of your help!

Marcus Dandurand – 100th Celebration Co-Chair
Mary Schone – 100th Celebration Co-Chair
Hannah Richardson – Former Woodstock Camp Director
Lauren Bertolini – Capital Campaign Co-Chair