Camp Woodstock YMCA
"The Friendship Camp"

Co-Ed Overnight Camp

For over 90 years Camp Woodstock has been a community where kids are empowered to be creative, try new things, and make life long friendships.

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Day Camp

Day campers are able to explore creativity, teamwork and leadership in a wide range of physically active programs that influence lifelong healthy living.

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Family Camp

Relax and spend quality time with the most important people on Earth… YOUR FAMILY!

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Retreats & School Trips

Our staff have years of experience that will help your team share ideas and problem solve for a more productive future.

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Camp Review

“I love everything about Woodstock. The counselors have been like big sisters to me. I really enjoy all the bonding with them and other campers. Everyone I met at camp is great and I am just so glad to be a part of it.”

Camp Review

“Woodstock will always be a place I can look back upon fondly and think only of immense love, great friends, and a wonderful community.”

Camp Review

“All the group activities and all the guest speakers made me think about myself and who I want to be, and how much I want to be a leader. It made me want to be responsible for changing someone else’s life.”

Camp Review

“On the first day of camp when you step foot out of your car onto the cabin field, you have entered the most sacred part of the world. Woodstock has so many people who will stay your best friend/sister/brother for the rest of your life.”

Today's News

  • 95th Reunion Celebration, June 2017

    Posted by Camp Woodstock on Mar 2, 2016 in Camp Updates

    The Woodstock Board of Advisors would like to invite you to celebrate our 95th year on the shores of Black Pond. Since 1922 Camp Woodstock has been putting a positive role-model in front of every camper. Since camps humble beginnings, Woodstock has always welcomed everyone to its whispering pine forests and cool waters of Black Pond. Thousands of people have swam in our lake, walked under our shady pines and made life long friendships. Please join us in celebrating the impact Camp has made on so many lives. Connect with old and new Woodstockers with the commonalty of our mission and the Woodstock Spirit. We welcome every Woodstocker to join us June 17 – 18, 2017. Our story is your story. Please help us in capturing Camp Woodstock’s history, bring your old photos, t-shirts and Woodstock memorabilia. Click here to join the 95th Celebration at Camp

  • Summer Preparations Already!

    Posted by Camp Woodstock on Jun 23, 2014 in Camp Updates

    This off-season has been full of great changes to Main Camp. The Cabin Field got redone and there’s some great projects in place at Pop’s Lodge and Clover Hill. Pop’s is getting a wrap around porch installed and Clover Hill is being re-graded with a terraced wall system. This system will help solve the erosion problems we’ve been having for a while from the hill all the way down to the water front. These great new terraces are being built by H.H. Ellis Technical High School’s Masonry Department. Every week the shop students come up to camp and work on their project. This gives the students excellent hands-on experience in their field that will help them when they graduate school and it also gives us a great chance to reach out in our community.

  • Discovering Our World

    Posted by Camp Woodstock on Jun 2, 2014 in Camp Updates

    For many years our facilities have played host to the Discovery Center. The Discovery Center is an education organization that focuses not only on improving academic skills like math, science, and language arts, but also on preparing young students for the diverse world that we live in. Their teachings cover identifying and dealing with societal issues such as differences between urban and non-urban schools and differences of race, color, and ethnicity. We love hosting this organization here at Camp Woodstock because the Discovery Center’s slogan “A Classroom Without Walls…For a Future Without Prejudice” is a cause that we wholeheartedly support and try to teach our campers. “Quote from Jason, Program Director” Find out more about the Discovery Center.

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